Saturday, November 20, 2010

CV joints on a Daihatsu Charade?

Any advice appreciated on how to change these joints. Do I need special tools or will the ordinary ones do? They are making a lot of noise turning corners and need to be replaced. ThanksCV joints on a Daihatsu Charade?
As much as I like to see people do their own maintenance, this particular job requires a professional and some specialty tools.CV joints on a Daihatsu Charade?
Not sure what tools you'll need for your car. Have you got a haynes manual?CV joints on a Daihatsu Charade?
WOW!! you have one of those??????

i have literally only seen 2 of those in my entire life.. i remember specifically making fun of it because it was called charade....

%26quot;maybe it's a car.... maybe it's a rollerskate with a motor%26quot;

sorry... i digress.

So i assume you actually FOUND parts for it? if you need a special tool, it's pretty unlikely you'll find it..

i'm sorry i can't provide legitimate help, i was just so surprised to see that you had a charade.. i wish you luck though :)