Saturday, November 20, 2010

How much will a tune-up cost??

I have a 2001 FORD WINDSTAR

and the following needs to be serviced

Okay lets see, this is what i need..please give me an estimate

-Serpentine Belt

-Rear Shocks

-Spark Plugs (maybe wires too)

-Power Steering Fluid Change

-Fuel Filter


-Coolant Flush

-Air Conditioning Re-charge

Tire Rotation


4 new motor mounts

Top off all other fluids

All answers greatly appreciated thanks

Whats the best place to take it, to be serviced? Pep Boys..Sears...Ford?How much will a tune-up cost??
if u want to save money, do it yourself, by the list u showed it will run you over $1,000 because the labor is so expensive