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How to change cv joint on mazda 121?

1996 model left sideHow to change cv joint on mazda 121?
Jack her up. take wheel off, renove caslte nut(axle nut)

remove lower ball joint,(need a ball joint sepperater, fork)

then swing the wheel out of the way and pull the axle out of hub,then pop it out of transmission,it'll pop aint rocket science as others are suggesting,you might damage the ball joint so get a new one if you need one ,if not bring it back for a refund, I've done dozens of them, I'm an engineer,not a ASE mechanic though.How to change cv joint on mazda 121?
That is complicated to answer on here the best advice I can give you is take it to a mechanic or if you want to do it yourself get a repair manual and it will give you step by step directions with diagramsHow to change cv joint on mazda 121?
A manual can tell you how to do it, step by step, just be aware that under the car the bolts and nuts are exposed to water, mud and salt for years, and may be too rusted to break loose without some trouble, or, in extreme cases, cutting a bolt or splitting a nut.

At many auto parts stores you can buy a Haynes do-it-yourself manual for your model car, with step-by-step instructions, and basic explanations at the beginning of each chapter. If it is not in stock, you can order it online by searching on %26quot;auto repair manuals%26quot; on Yahoo search. In the front is a section on %26quot;Troubleshooting%26quot; that guides you step-by-step to find causes of most engine malfunctions based on the car's symptoms. Whether you do the work yourself or not, it helps you make informed decisions and not be taken advantage of, and to not feel so %26quot;in the dark.%26quot;

db667089 says: you can check For about the same price as a Haynes or Chilton's repair manual, you can have online access (for a whole year) to model specific info for your particular vehicle. This is the same info that repair shops use. They have great wiring schematics/diagrams.

Also, for about $15 for a one-month subscription, you can get the factory manual, downloadable (careful! Mine was about 500 pages!) or viewable, at

Also, many people recommend's free online manuals.

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