Saturday, November 20, 2010

How much does it cost to change wheel bearings / Cv Joint ?

I bought a honda civic coupe recently .

yesterday i was driving my mom back from work , and as i was parking , i turned my wheels and i could hear a screeching or shreiking sound coming from the Right Front Wheels .

i did some research on Yahoo answers and it seems that

this could have been a defective wheel bearing or a cv joint .

i called the service center and the manager told me it could be the mud thing making that sound , and he adviced me to check tire pressure . So i did and seemed the air pressure was low on the Right front wheel and put some air in . But the sound didn't %26quot;go away%26quot; . it sounds like 2 thin metal pieces sliding each other ( it's a high pitched shreiking/ screeching sound) i dn't understand what's going on . I dn't have a job right now , looking for a job , should i take it to the honda service center where i bought it ( will it be covered ) , or any service center ...

I was wondering if that exactly is the problem , and how much will it cost me to fix itHow much does it cost to change wheel bearings / Cv Joint ?
I don't think is the cv joints or the bearings, since the bearings will sound (while you're driving) like you are driving a pick-up truck with huge wheels on it, (you know the sound they make)

And if it's the cv joints it will only and ONLY when you turn to either side (clack, clack, clack noise), if it's screeching noise it's the brake pads, check to see if the disks are smooth, that could be the problem, if they 're not change the pads, that should fix the problem!, BUT if they tell you to change the cv joints it's about $70 labor, plus the parts, each side, if you don;t have the money just tell them that you want the affected side (even though the Honda service they'll try to tell you you need to do both) DO ONLY THE ONE, then when you have the money do the other one, i don't think is the bearings...

But whatever you do don't take to the dealer it's gonna cost you a lot!!!, if it's not under warranty off-course.

What you can do to make sure it's not the cv-joints is this:

Turn the wheels to one side and look inside (the other side where you put the nuts that hold the tire) and you'll see a large piece of rubber like a cup, that's called the %26quot;boot%26quot; they'll have a metal ring that holds it in place, if that's loose or you see grease all over it, that's the problem, but like i said before i think is your brake pads. GOOD LUCK!!!How much does it cost to change wheel bearings / Cv Joint ?
Replace wheel - CV Joints...very expensive, Tonto!How much does it cost to change wheel bearings / Cv Joint ?
If it's under warranty, you ought to be covered. It sounds more like a wheel bearing than the CV joint.

Check the rubber boot between the wheel and the transaxle. Look around the boot as well. These things can get a hole and throw grease out. Look for a pattern of grease around the boot. If there is a hole, yes it's the CV joint and it' gonna be expensive. I've never done a Honda CV, but you're looking at $350 +